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Quincy Cade

  • 938 Kingwood Dr
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About Me

My Journey began on a hot summers day in Houston, my girlfriend (who is my wife now) and I were on our way to the Houston Zoo. We just had came back from lunch and my breath wasn't smelling the freshest....(may next time no onions on my burger lol). So I ask her "hey do you have any breath freshers?" she replied "no but try this Peppermint Vitality Essential Oil!" Now I just thought it was like a breath freshener drops so I "smartly " decided to tip the bottle to my mouth until 4 drops come out. THEN IT HAPPENED. The strength of those few drops felt like I had drank a whole bottle of mouth freshener! I was shocked. After that day I did my research on those essential oils and immediately was hooked.

Now 4 years later and i have become an Essential Oil Junkie! I don't go anywhere without my oils and am so blessed for my wife to have shown me the body supporting powers of these tiny essential oils.

Guess the saying is true "Big things come in Small packages"

I am not sure how exactly you found our website but I am glad that you did. My wife and I's goal is to share with the world the power of Young Living Essential Oils and how they can make a change in the lives of people who are ready to leave living life below the wellness line and to live life more abundantly ABOVE the wellness line.

When you are making your decision on natural living I want you to answer this question: would you rather pay to get an oil change or pay to fix your motor? Thats the difference between using oils and taking medicine. You all be blessed and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

GOD Bless!!